How many times have we organized valuable conferences just to have them lost in the middle of all the other conferences being held?

How many times have you missed something interesting at the conference you assisted?

Having an app mobile with organized information in various formats, in an attractive, flexible way is a great investment for the event organizer and the attendees.


Today, more than ever, no one likes to lose time and the entire world yearns to be as productive as possible with the time they have.  There are even those who would like to be in two places at once and do what they can to achieve it.


As an event organizer, whether it be for leisure events such as music or film festivals or profesional congresses,  you have to consider the tools that you can give your attendees to help them take the most advantage of their time at the event.


Below, we describe the advantages of displaying your event’s program via the mobile app vs the traditional paper handout:


With an app you can publish your activity’s information in an attractive way with photos, icons and images is much better than a program presented only with text, boring and dull. Also if it is appropriate, a program of activities can provide useful information by day and by meeting space. For this reason, an app with images is attractive and stands out from the traditional event program printed on paper.


The app enables you to provide information in a chronological fashion- information is listed in order of themes, speakers, locations –giving the user options to discover the conference based on their own interests.


In the same way, app users can get information about what is happening at every location of their event at the same hour. This tool can prove very useful for those that have chose to attend the event at the last minute or who have had limited time to review the event’s program. And now where should I go/ what should I do? Where is the conference/ concert I am interested in? The mobile app helps them answer this question quickly and direct them to the right place.


The App enables the user to take advantage of their time at the event without missing out on the activities of the day that might interest them. For this reason, the Suietevent app is designed for the user to discover all the information needed within 4 clicks.

For many of the users, using the app is a moment to play since it’s interactive design makes it fun and easy to get the information they need discovering info about the speakers, activities and other relevant material.


The App allows the user to prepare the agenda in advance. Utilizing the Favorites tool, Users can mark which events they plan to attend, allowing them to make a planned agenda prior to the event.


Anf for the last point, think about the design of the Suitevent App. The App enables business and organizers to have a tighter control around their brand image. Every event image and event message can be tailored to transmit the brand image that your organization wants to transmit.


In conclusion, an App for events can provide so much more than a simple activities program.  An event app can enable the users to discover new activities, new artists or speakers, pre-plan their agenda at their event and take the most advantage of their time and the evento.


Discover all the benefits with our “Festival App” and  the  “Congress App”right here at Suitevent.