Film Festivals turn to mobile apps to boost them into the 21st century

Film festivals provide the opportunity for upcoming filmmakers from around the world to showcase stheir work to large audiences of cinema fans and elite members of the filmmaking industry. Film festivals are typically an annual event,  held over a course of a week or more hosted in the city of their choice. Now film festivals are turning to mobile apps to boosts their events into the future.

When discussing film festivals, the most iconic of the film festivals come to mind– referred to  by the film industry as the “Big Three” the Cannes Film Festivalthe Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), and Venice Film Festival – La Biennale di Venezia .  These festivals, two of which date back to the 1930s, are known as a reference point for the film industry and serve as inspiration for the close to 3,000+ film festivals held around the world.

Over the years, both the Cannes and Berlin Film Festival, along with other important film festivals such as the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona have taken an enormous leap toward technology, seeking tomodernize their Film Festivals by adopting their very own Film Festival Mobile App. 


By opting for a film festival app, organizers are able to enable the attendees to make the most of their film festival experience. The festival app provides a dynamic agenda of activities with the entirety the festivals’ events available at their guests’ fingertips,  enables real-time communication  between the festival organizers and its attendees, can provide up-to-date information on the day’s film sessions and screenings via push notifications. Other benefits include an increase in overall ticket sales and reduced costs and waste previously incurred by brochures and other printed material.  

Attendees are able to create a personalized planner before the event by reading all about the films on the festival app and marking select films as their “Favorites”. Once at the festival,  push notifications from the organizers help inform them of last minute screenings or special events throughout the festival. The app can enable an increased level of interaction with the films and the film community- with the capability to vote, pose a question, chat and/or fill out a survey on the film they have just seen. Finally, for filmmakers or other professionals attending the event, a film festival app can provide  networking possibilities for industry professionals to connect and arrange a meeting.


Is it time for your film festival to make the jump towards modernity and reap all the benefits?

Suitevent wants to help you make the leap. 

Suitevent app is 100% adaptable to the logo, colors and overall look of your film festival. The app is designed to meet all the needs of a film festival and help you promote and capture the attention of your attendees before, during and after the festival. Proud creators of the Sitges International Film Festival App, we are ready to make your event shine.

 If you are looking for an easy, ready-to-use app at the most competitive pricing in the industry, look no further… Suitevent is here. With an ample portfolio of satisfied customers, we will offer you the Event app solution that adapts to your festival. Contact us today to get more information on our solutions for you.

Engage your audience with push messages and emails before an event

Building momentum for your event days or weeks before your event is essential for a good attendance and for the overall success of your event.

Have you considered using the correct channels to create pre-promotion for your event?

Are there new channels that can be utilized to reach your target audience?

Keep reading and we will walk you through the advantages of utilizing both Push Messages and Emails to entice your audience.

Events of a certain size must be prepared in advance, from the point of view of the attendees as well as those of the organizer. Good planning can make the event be more effective, more efficient and more memorable.

If the goal is to entice the visitor and offer them a better experience we must strive to create the promotion within the correct moment, with the right frequency and the correct channels.

Have you ever stopped to think about what the emails and push messages achieve in the weeks or days leading up to the event?

The emails that we send weeks before the evento are an ideal channel to achieve new attendees to our evento. If they open an email, it means they are interested in the congress in question and from there on they can go to the web to see the highlights of the event. At that point, they can decide if they will attend or not.

It is important to understand that the quantity of emails that each person receives a large quantity of emails per day, so there are high possibilities that the informative mails will go straight to the trash.

Therefore, make sure that the email list you plan to send is clean and segmented to send your email to the correct audience in order to not discourage attendance and/ or fill inboxes with unnecessary information.

Push messages are the one of the latest channels digitals. For those who are not aware of what the Push Messages are, they are messages that can be sent via the mobile apps that are delivered to the device of every user.

The push messages have a high percentage of acceptance, more than 40% open and read the messages and the reaction percentage is more than 8%.

Beyond that, the reaction time is extremely fast, since in these days,  we are avid users of our mobiles—using them at every moment of the day. This makes push notifications an ideal channel to promote offers and encourage last minute purchases.

The push notifications in combination with the event app is the perfect combination to capture the audience’s interest through the navigation statistics of the user, taking advantage of the functions of the agenda to gather relevant information to identify what is of most interest to the audience.

As previously explained, to take advantage of the push notifications channel it is necessary to have an Event app. If the app has a register of users and the user’s profile can create segmented push notifications – sending only the most targeted messages to an identified set of users. Alternatively, you could opt to send a push notification to all the users, inviting those that are not yet registered in the database to sign up in exchange for additional information or offers.

As the event draws closer, you can maintain steady, regular contact with your attendees via push notifications and email in order to create the right ambience and evoke excitement and anticipation for the event.  In this phase, email will be less effective, as there will be a tendency to delete the emails without a second thought.  In contrast, the push notifications has the opportunity to stand out due to its position on the mobile phone and achieve a high percentage of view rates and conversions.

To have an Event App in the days leading up to the event can also bring great advantages to the event attendees. We talk more about that in our “How an Event App Improves the Attendees Experience” article, which you can read more about on our blog.
From Suitevent, we are proud to offer our Event Apps with Push Messages in addition of a variety of other powerful functionalities. If you would like to know more, contact us at, or call us at +34.972.183.487









Enable users to discover all about your event through an App

How many times have we organized valuable conferences just to have them lost in the middle of all the other conferences being held?

How many times have you missed something interesting at the conference you assisted?

Having an app mobile with organized information in various formats, in an attractive, flexible way is a great investment for the event organizer and the attendees.


Today, more than ever, no one likes to lose time and the entire world yearns to be as productive as possible with the time they have.  There are even those who would like to be in two places at once and do what they can to achieve it.


As an event organizer, whether it be for leisure events such as music or film festivals or profesional congresses,  you have to consider the tools that you can give your attendees to help them take the most advantage of their time at the event.


Below, we describe the advantages of displaying your event’s program via the mobile app vs the traditional paper handout:


With an app you can publish your activity’s information in an attractive way with photos, icons and images is much better than a program presented only with text, boring and dull. Also if it is appropriate, a program of activities can provide useful information by day and by meeting space. For this reason, an app with images is attractive and stands out from the traditional event program printed on paper.


The app enables you to provide information in a chronological fashion- information is listed in order of themes, speakers, locations –giving the user options to discover the conference based on their own interests.


In the same way, app users can get information about what is happening at every location of their event at the same hour. This tool can prove very useful for those that have chose to attend the event at the last minute or who have had limited time to review the event’s program. And now where should I go/ what should I do? Where is the conference/ concert I am interested in? The mobile app helps them answer this question quickly and direct them to the right place.


The App enables the user to take advantage of their time at the event without missing out on the activities of the day that might interest them. For this reason, the Suietevent app is designed for the user to discover all the information needed within 4 clicks.

For many of the users, using the app is a moment to play since it’s interactive design makes it fun and easy to get the information they need discovering info about the speakers, activities and other relevant material.


The App allows the user to prepare the agenda in advance. Utilizing the Favorites tool, Users can mark which events they plan to attend, allowing them to make a planned agenda prior to the event.


Anf for the last point, think about the design of the Suitevent App. The App enables business and organizers to have a tighter control around their brand image. Every event image and event message can be tailored to transmit the brand image that your organization wants to transmit.


In conclusion, an App for events can provide so much more than a simple activities program.  An event app can enable the users to discover new activities, new artists or speakers, pre-plan their agenda at their event and take the most advantage of their time and the evento.


Discover all the benefits with our “Festival App” and  the  “Congress App”right here at Suitevent.



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